What makes Scottish Vein Centre different

  • We are the only independent varicose vein clinic in Scotland
  • We are the only office-based vein practice in Scotland
  • Our consulting rooms are pleasant and relaxed
  • We do not do veins in a cold clinical environment
  • We never offer surgery in an operating room to treat veins
  • We always insist on a detailed ultrasound scan at first visit
  • The specialist who will treat your veins will also do the scan
  • We will give you the result and discuss treatment right then
  • There are no hidden costs, all treatments are itemized
  • There is no one-stop solution to varicose vein treatments
  • We accept self-referral for self-funding patients
  • We keep overheads low to pass on better value to you
  • We provide a complete range of approved vein treatments
  • All our choices are under local anaesthetic ( L.A. )
  • We hardly ever need to cut out veins leaving scars
  • Our cosmetic techniques can only be done by vein doctors
  • You will always see the same people who treated you first
  • We will always call you back to check on your recovery
  • Our results are audited and reported at scientific meetings



Pitfalls of varicose veins at private hospitals

  • Most will insist on a referral letter from your G.P.
  • Most private hospitals in Scotland will offer vein surgery first
  • You will have to insist you want endovenous vein treatment
  • Over half of Scottish vein surgeons still do not do endovenous work
  • One Private Clinic says they are in Glasgow, then refer you to Manchester
  • Some surgeons will offer new vein treatments under G.A. not L.A.
  • Some do VENEFIT RF treatment and also multiple small cuts/phlebectomies ( scars )
  • You will have to be admitted in most as a day case ( no reason )
  • You may face additional room and anaesthetic charges of up to £1000
  • Ultrasound scanning to help treatment choice is often not routine
  • The scan is done at a different time by someone else and costs extra
  • Most surgeons are not interested in treating your thread veins ( time consuming )
  • Private hospital websites usually do not quote itemized costs
  • Some of your fee may go to paying for expensive TV adverts and marketing
  • Your first phone enquiry is answered by a telephonist not a nurse
  • You will probably not get a follow-up after-care enquiry call
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