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SVC care is exceptional

"The Scottish Vein Centre is the first private vein clinic in Scotland to be graded as EXCEPTIONAL by the independent health sector regulator, Healthcare Improvement Scotland. The full inspection report is available here and also published on their website"

Scottish Vein Centre

Varicose veins no longer need surgery

The Scottish Vein Centre is Scotland’s longest established dedicated private varicose vein clinic.

Our vein clinic was the inspiration of Dr Kieran McBride in 2006. He has trained in both Vascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology and has a passion for non-surgical treatment of varicose veins.

There has literally been a revolution in treating leg vein problems in the past 15 years. The evidence is now incontrovertible that the new minimally invasive vein ablation techniques offer better results than vein surgery and this has been endorsed by NICE. In particular there is less pain and bruising, quicker recovery times and significantly better five year results with lower recurrence rates and no scars.

Varicose veins before treatment
Varicose veins after treatment

Mr. FC ; 61 yrs, Dundee : 7 months post EVLA and Foam sclerotherapy, Feb. 2018

“An outcome way beyond my expectations! I suffered from serious heavy and unsightly varicose veins. I was to be the father of the bride and was desperate to wear a kilt but embarrassed to do so.
Dr McBride came to my rescue ! Unbelievable results. Highly recommended.“

What is the Scottish Vein Centre?

  • We are the longest established dedicated private vein clinic in Scotland
  • We are the most experienced at non-surgical vein treatments
  • We provide a walk in / walk out personalized service
  • There is no general anaesthetic or hospital admission required
  • Expect rapid recovery and return to work
  • We are more affordable than any other Scottish vein facility
  • We are approved by all the major Private Health Insurers

Scottish Vein Centre offers a full range of non-surgical treatments for varicose veins and thread veins, including:

  • Endovenous laser treatment ( EVLT / EVLA )
  • Radiofrequency ablation ( VENEFIT )
  • Clarivein non-thermal ablation
  • Ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy
  • Micro-sclerotherpay for thread veins

We are different at SVC. We only do leg veins.

We are a small independent walk-in / walk-out office-based practice. We are absolutely committed to giving every individual patient a personalized experience. You will get full support from our highly dedicated and informed staff, right from your very first phone call.

  • We are the only independent varicose vein clinic in Scotland
  • We are the only office-based vein practice in Scotland
  • We never offer surgery in an operating room to treat veins
  • We always insist on a detailed ultrasound scan at first visit
  • The specialist who will treat your veins will also do the scan
  • We will give you the result and discuss treatment right then
  • There are no hidden costs, all treatments are itemized
  • We keep overheads low to pass on better value to you
  • We provide a complete range of approved vein treatments
  • We NEVER need to cut out veins and so avoid scars
  • Our cosmetic techniques can only be done by vein doctors
You are unique

Each patients veins are different and we endeavour to provide the best and most appropriate treatment available based on your first detailed assessment and your personal preference. Scottish Vein Centre offers every possible choice of modern non-surgical clinically proven varicose vein treatment options.

No other non-corporate vein clinic in Scotland can match us for choice or cost. Because we are small and independent.

Exceptional by Independent Healthcare Scotland

"The Scottish Vein Centre is the first private vein clinic in Scotland to be graded as EXCEPTIONAL by the independent health sector regulator, Healthcare Improvement Scotland. The full inspection report is available here and also published on their website"

Scottish Vein Centre in numbers

Patient Satisfaction Survey
Did you find the consultations useful, informative and fully addressed your problem?
Excellent 91% - Very Good 9%
What did you think of the overall treatment you received from your Specialist?
Excellent 94% - Very Good 6%
How would you rate the results of your treatment?

Excellent 76% - Very Good 24%

Results of Audit July 2018 – Feb 2019 - 34 patient responses

Recent testimonials
  • 6 weeks post EVLA laser therapy

    The whole experience was excellent. The procedure was not as bad as I expected. The recovery was easy. I have recommended the SVC to several friends and colleagues.

    Mr SL, 57

    St. Andrews, Nov. 2017
    6 months post EVLA & foam therapy

    Lovely to wear a summer dress again and to have no ugly blue ankle bracelet !” Good job done with great results. Enjoyed wearing shorts and dresses again on holiday.

    Mrs RM, 61

    Perth, Oct. 2017
  • 3 months post EVLA & foam therapy

    Fantastic service. I felt totally at ease and everyone was great. Amazed by my results so far and can’t wait to see them improve even more.

    Ms LS, 20

    South Queensferry, Nov. 2017
    6 months post EVLA & foam therapy

    I am delighted with the treatment that I have received. The procedure was explained well berforehand and on the day everything went really well. I had minimal bruising and the recovery was far easier and quicker than I expected.

    Mrs MB, 45

    Stirling, Jan 2018

Scottish Vein Centre

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